About the Take Charge System

Get a Personalized Strategy for Taking Charge of Your Birth

Would you like to Take Charge of Your Birth, but you’re not sure how (or if) it’s possible?

With the Take Charge of Birth signature program you’ll find out exactly where you’re at and what the likely outcomes could be in your birth experience.

Yes, EVEN if you’re planning a cesarean!

EVEN if you have complications that require an induction!

EVEN if you aren’t able to hire a doula!

EVEN if you aren’t planning a home birth!

EVEN if you know absolutely NOTHING about birth and are scared out of your mind!

What You’ll Get in Your First Strategy Session

When you book your first strategy session, we will assess where you’re at and what kind of experience of birth you want to have. I’ll show you exactly what steps you need to take to reach the next level and Take Charge of Your Birth!

You won’t get this information from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” or the hospital-sponsored birth classes!

Finding it all on your own and learning how to implement it all can take YEARS, but I’ll tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to have an Empowered Birth YOUR way!

Not Ready Yet?

Not sure if you’re ready for a strategy session? That’s okay! We can connect whenever you’re ready, and in the meantime if you think there’s someone you know who could benefit from the Take Charge of Birth System please direct them to this page!

In the meantime, you can Get Some Amazing Education, Insights, and Personal Experiences inside our Facebook Community for Empowered Moms that is growing each month, with the opportunity to have content customized just for you!

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