What to Do When Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Birth Plan

Let’s face it; planning the birth you truly want to have is tough enough. There’s a lot of work you have to do to educate yourself, un-learn the myths and misconceptions, shift your mindset, do deep inner work to release fears and anxieties, and then there’s also that search for the care provider who willContinue reading “What to Do When Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Birth Plan”

4 Reasons to Take Charge of Your Birth

You trusted your body, and at the same time you were told that you “failed” to progress and you “don’t go into labour on your own”.

If you had a cesarean, you may feel that you “failed” at birth.

But you didn’t.

The truth is that the system failed you.

A lot of advocates will tell you that the system is “broken”, but I have since realized that the system isn’t broken at all. It’s working exactly the way that it was designed to work: the goal is to extract a live baby from a live mother, and do so in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Hospitals and maternity care are a business.

That means that your experience isn’t something they can measure, and it’s not important to their bottom line.

If you survive birth, and your baby survives, then they did their job and they pat themselves on the back for that.

How to Plan a Natural Birth

Would you like to avoid the epidural and have a natural birth but you don’t know where to start or how to plan for it? Parents make 3 BIG mistakes when they first set out to plan a natural birth (myself included). Many just assume it will happen if they take a natural birth classContinue reading “How to Plan a Natural Birth”

Plan an Empowered Pregnancy With These 3 Quick Tips!

Want to have a more empowered pregnancy so that you can keep fears from entering your space and sabotaging your natural birth plans? Follow these 3 quick tips for keeping yourself calm and confident in your birth plans. Want more great content and a community that will lift you up instead of tell you thatContinue reading “Plan an Empowered Pregnancy With These 3 Quick Tips!”

What You Really Need To Learn To Plan a Better Birth

If I were to ask you what book to read prepare for pregnancy and birth, which one would you recommend? Chances are that unless you’ve spent a lot of time in a birth community for Empowered Moms, or happen to have doulas for friends, you might tell me about the most popular pregnancy book inContinue reading “What You Really Need To Learn To Plan a Better Birth”

Dear Midwife, I Forgive You

Dear Midwife, I Forgive You Perhaps you don’t remember me, or maybe I’m on your mind a lot since I filed that complaint back in 2016. Maybe you see my posts on Facebook, maybe you don’t, but due to our close proximity and my growing connections in the birth community I would be surprised ifContinue reading “Dear Midwife, I Forgive You”

How to Get Over Your Fear of Birth

When I think back to what “went wrong” with my first birth and what can “go wrong” for so many new mothers, they all have one thing in common: We didn’t know what we didn’t know. I touched on this a little bit in my previous post, but what I didn’t talk about was howContinue reading “How to Get Over Your Fear of Birth”

The 5 Key Elements to an Empowered Birth

When I was pregnant with my first baby I set out with one mission in mind: I wanted a relatively pain-free birth, and I wanted to do it at home where I felt safest. My reasons for this were pretty simple back then. I hate needles I didn’t want to stay overnight in the hospitalContinue reading “The 5 Key Elements to an Empowered Birth”

Gone, but NOT Defeated: My Long-standing Battle with Parent Life Network Comes to An End

It’s been no secret that my mission in life is to destroy the patriarchy! My own nearly 5-year old daughter came into this world as my fiery little feminist, doing things on her own time in her own way and she hasn’t apologized for ANY of it! Whether it’s telling the friends of her olderContinue reading “Gone, but NOT Defeated: My Long-standing Battle with Parent Life Network Comes to An End”

10 Things I Wish I Had Known As a First-Time Newly-Expecting Mom

I will confess that I went into my first pregnancy woefully unprepared. Most of my life I had only ever grown up seeing birth as painful and horrifying. In fact, I used to hide my eyes during birthing scenes on TV. I’m also not a fan of needles, doctors, or hospitals. I don’t like painContinue reading “10 Things I Wish I Had Known As a First-Time Newly-Expecting Mom”