Your Natural Birth Guide is On The Way!

Thank you for joining the Empowered Birth Community!

Please check your inbox within the hour to grab your Natural Birth Guide before you forget and it gets lost in a sea of emails.

If you don’t see it in the main inbox within one hour, then check your Promotions and Spam tabs and make sure all future emails from Carly Bonderud and Empowering Moms are whitelisted.

After you receive your guide, read through it and stay tuned as I send you more tips and insights for planning a natural birth that the birth books and classes aren’t telling you about!

You might also like to check out the Facebook Group for Empowered Families where we cover everything from Pregnancy through Empowered Parenthood.

Your partner is even welcome to join with you! In fact, this is actively encouraged as the Right Support is crucial to your success in having a Natural Birth, or any Empowered Birth.

So while you’re waiting for you first email to arrive from me, why not go check it out now?

I’ll see you soon!


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