The Empowered Mom’s Guidebook to Avoiding Unnecessary Interventions

Did you know that 1 in 4 women in Canada (1 in 3 in the U.S.) have a Cesarean?

The World Health Organization recommends a rate of no more than 10-15% for best outcomes for moms and babies, however the common routine practices and attitudes of our maternity care system AND the lack of education on our rights, options, and understanding of how physiological birth actually works has led to a Cascade of Interventions and cesarean rates in local hospitals are now as high as 50-80%!

In fact, some days it can be as high as 100% of births resulting in a Cesarean!

Are you willing to take that chance of having a cesarean that could be prevented?

Not all routine tests and practices are evidence based, and one-size care does NOT fit all. 

This full-color guide is just what you need to help you make an informed decision that is right for YOU!

Inside this guidebook you will discover…

  • Your Legal Right to Informed Consent and Refusal
  • Tips on How to Make Decisions in Your Care
  • How to Avoid the Preventable Cesarean or Unnecessary Induction of Labour
  • A List of 9 of the Best Books to Prepare You for a More Positive, Empowered Birth

And more!

You will be well-prepared to start Taking Charge of Your Birth!

Learn what you need to know to Empower Your Birth, including…

Tips for Informed Decision Making

Your Rights to Informed Consent and Refusal

Questions to Ask Before You Agree to an Induction

Tips to Prevent an Unnecessary Cesarean

This full-colour 28-page guide is mobile friendly and can be downloaded right to your Google Drive! Keep it close to you, share with your birth partner, and put yourself back in the driver’s seat for your pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond!

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