What is Pregnancy & Birth Coaching?

Are you looking to be Informed of Your Rights and Options, Educated on Physiological Birth in All its Variations, and Empowered in your Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Parenting Journey?

The Empowering Moms Pregnancy & Birth Coaching signature Take Charge of Your Birth Program is tailored to your unique needs and vision for yourself and your children. You’ll receive 1-1 virtual support through strategy sessions where we go over your options, birth vision, and what questions you’ll want to ask yourself, your care provider, and your support team.

Whether you’re planning to start a family, expecting your first child, or you’re a seasoned parent, Empowering Moms Pregnancy & Birth Coaching will help you gain the confidence in yourself, hire the right support team, and ultimately give you the best chance of making informed decisions in your birth that align with your goals, values, and needs! We have a variety of packages available with 1-1 virtual support, comprehensive education including access to a large database of compiled articles from the best reputable websites so you don’t have to spend hours on Google to learn the evidence!

Read on to learn how the Take Charge of Birth Program can optimize your chances of having an Empowered, Transformative birth.

Early Family Planning

The best time to start planning your pregnancy and birth is before you even get pregnant! If you’re planning to conceive your first child or grow your family, then this is for you!

We’ll work together 1-1 to examine any fears, misconceptions, or concerns you have about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. You’ll get a clear vision of what kind of experience you want to have and learn the strategies to implement it. The bonus is that because you are not yet pregnant you will have a comprehensive education and know your rights, options, and how to ask for what you want so that when you do get that positive test result you’ll know exactly where to look for support from a doula and how to hire the ideal care provider who will work with you and for you.

For First Time Moms

Did you know that your first birth sets the stage for subsequent births? 1 in 3 mothers experience birth trauma, and this can affect how births unfold and what choices we make in future pregnancies. As a first time mom, you deserve to have an Empowering, Positive birth the first time!

You’ll have access to the best educational resources, mindset training, 1-1 virtual support each week, and will learn your rights, options, and how to implement the Take Charge of Birth Program into all aspects of your care and planning. Give yourself the Best Chance at having an Empowered Birth right from the start. ❤

For best results please book while you are in your first or early second trimester.

Allow for at least one month from your estimated due date for completion of all materials.

The “Do-Over” Birth

Maybe your first birth didn’t go to plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a better experience this time around!

If you had a traumatic, disappointing first birth or if you’ve already had one or more previous cesareans and want a better experience whether that’s a repeat cesarean or VBAC, then this is for you!

You’ll have access to the best educational resources on pregnancy, labour, and birth after a cesarean (if applicable). You can optimize your chances of having a VBAC, learn your options and create a birth plan for a more gentle, family-centered cesarean, and go into this birth confident and in control, no matter the outcome!

For best results please book in the first trimester or before you become pregnant again.

Enrollment in this package requires at least 3-6 months in advance of your scheduled cesarean date or estimated due date if you’re planning a VBAC as search for a supportive care provider may take more time to implement.

You Can Have an Empowered Birth…

EVEN if you’re planning a cesarean!

EVEN if you have complications that require an induction!

EVEN if you aren’t able to hire a doula!

EVEN if you aren’t planning a home birth!

EVEN if you know absolutely NOTHING about birth and are scared out of your mind!

Which Package is Right For Me?

That’s something I can’t tell you until we have our first session! The good news is that right now you can buy 3 Introductory Sessions for only $225 and get the foundational skills to Take Charge of Your Birth and become a Decision Maker in your Care!

Get What You Need to Take Charge of Birth Today with 3 Introductory Sessions!

This introductory package is ideal for you if you are not yet pregnant, or you’re less than 25 weeks and want to avoid the common interventions in an otherwise straightforward pregnancy and labour.

In our 90-minute virtual sessions we will pinpoint your exact needs and preferences for your birth experience and help you to…

  • Create a personalized, comprehensive birth plan that goes beyond labour and birth into postpartum
  • Develop questions to use in interviews with potential care providers
  • Build your confidence to become the Decision Maker in your care!

Here’s what people have already said about Carly and Empowering Moms Pregnancy & Birth Coaching…

“I highly recommend Empowering Moms for anyone who is expecting or planning to get pregnant!”

Carly has compiled extensive evidence based research to provide education to women around all aspects of pregnancy. Informed choice is the hub around which she operates, empowering women and their partners to learn and make choices they believe best for their situation and care. She advocates for women’s rights, providing encouragement, education and evidence to enable women to stand with courage in their pregnancy and care. Women should not go into their pregnancies and labour without an understanding of all aspects which they may face, and utilizing Empowering Moms is one of the best choices you can make to become abundantly informed!

Christina— a Doula

“Being informed made all the difference”

On June 1, 2019 I delivered my 8 lb 1 oz baby girl at 41 + 2 and it was a very successful VBA2C! Without the information I got I would not have had the confidence to advocate for myself the way I did. I had such a supportive husband and medical team on my side and everyone cheering me on right until the end which made it even more special. Being informed made all the difference. Thank you again.

Whitney–Successful VBAC

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