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What to Do When Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Birth Plan

Let’s face it; planning the birth you truly want to have is tough enough. There’s a lot of work you have to do to educate yourself, un-learn the myths and misconceptions, shift your mindset, do deep inner work to release fears and anxieties, and then there’s also that search for the care provider who willContinue reading “What to Do When Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Birth Plan”

4 Reasons to Take Charge of Your Birth

You trusted your body, and at the same time you were told that you “failed” to progress and you “don’t go into labour on your own”.

If you had a cesarean, you may feel that you “failed” at birth.

But you didn’t.

The truth is that the system failed you.

A lot of advocates will tell you that the system is “broken”, but I have since realized that the system isn’t broken at all. It’s working exactly the way that it was designed to work: the goal is to extract a live baby from a live mother, and do so in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Hospitals and maternity care are a business.

That means that your experience isn’t something they can measure, and it’s not important to their bottom line.

If you survive birth, and your baby survives, then they did their job and they pat themselves on the back for that.


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